Refund & Returns Policy

We have a refund policy in addition to the rights stated in relation to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Please note that it is supplementary and does not limit your rights under the ACL in any way.
If you’re not completely satisfied, unopened products may be returned to us (after all, we want happy customers)! Even if you’ve opened or partially used your products, please contact us if you’re not satisfied and we’ll see what we can do (but please note that we aren’t obliged to offer a refund or replacement unless the product fails to meet a consumer guarantee under the ACL).
To claim a refund, please contact us on 1300 727 222 or email We will book your return and provide you with an Australia Post shipping label, so that you can return your order to us by dropping it into the Post Office at no additional cost to you. Please note that for returns outside of ACL-claims, we require you to contact us and book your return within two (2) weeks of receiving your order. For ACL-claims, please note that you are required to inform us of any fault with the goods in the period from delivery until the fault or problem would reasonably be expected to appear. Based on the nature of our products, we estimate this period to be approximately two (2) weeks.
If we agree or are obliged to give you a refund, we will process the refund using the same payment method used for the purchase.