Customer Stories

Some of our customers are old hands when it comes to catheterising, and some are still adjusting to something new. Many people don't know anyone else who uses catheters, or have anyone they can really talk to about it.

Here we share some of the stories of everyday catheter users, their medical conditions as well as their lives.

A special thank you to Borjana, Kyle and Rick for having the courage to share the details of their lives with us.


Rick on the boardwalk at Brighton Le Sands

Rick is a wheelchair basketballer and retired tennis player, who has competed both nationally and globally. He is also an advocate for road safety, a teacher's aid, and a loving husband to Rebekah. Rick was born with Spina Bifida and he has only recently accessed the medical support required to enable him to use catheters for the first time.


Kyle at the management school

Kyle is 45 years old, a father of two and a PhD and teacher at a prestigious business school. In 2014 Kyle was diagnosed with an atonic bladder, a condition only discovered by chance when he was undergoing a routine health check. This has required some surprising lifestyle changes for a man in otherwise peak health.


Borjana with her husband and children

Borjana (pronounced Boryana) was a 13-year old schoolgirl in Bosnia when a stray bullet lodged in her abdomen, fracturing her hip and severely damaging her bladder. Multiple surgeries and untold pain and anguish later, she is now a happy mother of two living in Sydney’s south west. She self-catheterises and does her best to lead a normal life.