Syringes and Valves for Catheterisation

Catheter Valve


Catheter Accessories Kit


10ml Syringe


60ml Catheter Syringe


A catheter valve is a tap-like device that is attached to the end of an Indwelling Catheters.  The valve can be left open to allow emptying of the bladder into a toilet or a leg bag, alternatively, it can be closed to store urine in the bladder.  A catheter valve can help maintain muscle tone in the bladder as it fills and empties in a usual manner.  Valves can also be used while travelling, swimming, showering and dressing to prevent leakage.  

Syringes are often used as part of a continence routine.  Paralogic offer 10ml disposable syringes and 60ml capacity syringes, these can be used to inflate a balloon catheter with sterile water, draw up and instil bladder wash or medication from a bottle through a catheter into the bladder.  

A Paralogic catheter accessories kit contains lubricant, sterile water and a syringe.  This kit is perfect to have on hand to insert and inflate an indwelling catheter such as the foley or open tipped suprapubic.