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The world of Catheterisation and Urinary Incontinence can be overwhelming when you are first thrust into it - particularly as you are likely to be dealing with other challenges at the same time.  The team at Paralogic have decades of experience talking with customer and finding the right solutions for individuals.  This blog is a place to share some of that knowledge with our customers. 


Funding Options for Incontinence Products

Bladder Health Options Incontinence products can be expensive, intimidating and confusing, at Paralogic we try to reduce costs and simplify ordering as much as possible.    These national and state-based schemes can assist with covering the cost of incontinence products...READ MORE


How to maintain and improve bladder health

Bladder Health Options There are many ways you can help overall bladder health, maintain catheter condition and combat infection. Read some of your options that may help you target problem areas. ...READ MORE


External catheter options for men

External Catheters Men who suffer urinary leakage have a few options when it comes to continence products. Here we give you all the details on external catheters, including sizing, fitting, removal and useful tips. ...READ MORE


Get the low down on indwelling catheters

Indwelling Catheters An indwelling catheter is left in the body for extended periods to drain urine. Read all about the differences between types and look at the options we can offer you...READ MORE


New to using catheters?

Information for new catheter users If you have found yourself here, you might be new to the world of catheters and have a few big questions. Here we have shared some of the crucial information we give to first-time catheter users...READ MORE


Medications for neurogenic bladder & detrusor overactivity

Neurogenic bladder & detrusor overactivity We have compiled the most widely prescribed and used medications for neurogenic bladder & detrusor overactivity in Australia...READ MORE


Paralogic UTI Information

Paralogic UTI Information Page We know that urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a significant problem in the community. We surveyed our customers and compiled the information we gathered, along with what people are doing to prevent and treat infections...READ MORE


Share Your Story

Customer Stories In August 2020 we asked our customers who would like to share their stories with us. We know that the continence journey is intensly personal and contains a lot of stigma so were thrilled that so many of you took the time to reply. We could only choose a handful of those who offered to participate and we were truly honoured that they chose to share these parts of their lives with us...READ MORE


Storage & Disposal of Continence Products

Storage and disposal of continence products ​We get lots of question about the best ways to store and dispose of catheters and other continence products...READ MORE


Paralogic Medical Condition Survey - THE RESULTS

The Paralogic Medical Condition Survey RESULTS ​We surveyed all our customer and of those that responded, these are the medical conditions they reported which require the use of continence products...READ MORE


How Can I Save Money on Catheters?

The Paralogic Catheter Calculator ​We have put together a list of ways in which you might be able to make your budget stretch further...READ MORE


The Paralogic Catheter Calculator

The Paralogic Catheter Calculator We've developed this nifty tool to help you work out how many catheters you use over a set period of time...READ MORE


Raising the bar

Raising The Bar Paralogic Founder, Anne-Marie Howarth is a passionate advocate for those of all abilities within business...READ MORE


What Size Catheter is Most Common?

What Size Catheter is Most Common Customers are always interested in what the most used catheter sizes are, have a look at our handy pie charts across a range of catheter products to see which options are more common...READ MORE


Catheter Tips

Tips for Travelling with Catheters The team at Paralogic talk to customer every day and are full of knowledge about catheter use and incontinence, here we share our best tips with you...READ MORE



Tips for Travelling with Catheters

Tips for Travelling with Catheters Our best tips for travelling at home and abroad when using catheters and other continence aids...READ MORE



Relevant News Articles

Relevant News Articles Frequently we come across articles that might be of interest to Paralogic customers...READ MORE



Medical Supplies for the Solomon Islands

Posted 28 June 2017

Medical Supplies for the Solomon Islands In 2017 Paralogic sent Urinary Catheters to the Solomon Islands. The catheters were delivered by Medical Student Jenny Hanbi Kim during her observership placement... READ MORE