Sterile 500ml Leg Bags

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These sterile 500ml leg bags and come in a choice of either 10cm or 30cm inlet tube. 


  • Sterile - suitable for use with Foley catheters (both urethral and suprapubic use) as well as Male External Catheters / Uridomes
  • 10 or 30cm inlet tube
  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Flip valve outlet
  • Backing: Flocked
  • Velcro straps included


Brand Premier
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Review Sterile 500ml Leg Bags

By: on 25 October 2022
hi, I have no issues with this bag. they are handy when I have appointments with physio or when I need to go out for a short time.

Update on that last. All of this continues to be

By: on 3 October 2022
OK, since my previous comment below, I am actually liking the strap which is provided with this bag as the zig-zag silicone does substantially reduce slipping. I was mainly concerned about the durability of the Hook and Loop ("Velcro") attachment but it seems to be holding out for now and will presumably last as long as the bag which I do use for several weeks until it springs a leak. This generally happens along the lower edge of the weld and sometimes is due to a tear propagating from the slots for the leg band which I may reinforce with some of the "Durapore" tape. There may be some extra stress on this area as I fold the discharge assembly up under the bag in order to wear shorts. . . . . . Noting that I am using my custom-made upper strap which does slip down annoyingly - I have yet to try applying a similar zig-zag silicone bead to it. . . . . . Waiting on some silicone lubricant (from Aliexpress!) to try on the drainage valve which stiffens over time presumably due to struvite deposit.

The best so far - further to "Anonymous" on 12 Oct

By: on 3 July 2022
This is so far my preferred drainage bag. Almost all of what I stated favourably for the 750 ml bag applies here but so does the *major* fault with the non-return valve, possibly even worse on this particular design. This requires *frequent* checking, particularly at night, to ensure that the bag has not kinked (due to the stiffness of the inlet tube) or folded in any way causing the flap "valve" to block and cause the uridome to "blow off". Again I note that this is a *major* fault and by comparison, the Hollister bags with the full-width non-return valve do not suffer from this. The drainage valve is larger and more robust than on the "In Health" bag and very easy to operate when new, but becomes progressively stiffer requiring both hands to operate. When particularly stiff. as it starts to open, it releases a jet of urine from the front face of the valve as the toggle distorts, if the discharge pipe is pointing down. It becomes necessary to lift the valve above the level of the bag to avoid this. I can improve this to some extent by popping the valve apart (as for the "In Health" bag) and cleaning it but suspect I need to find some silicone grease to properly lubricate it. Not sure whether Vaseline would be suitable for the plastic or not. . . . . . Now the straps that come with this bag are similar to the Hollister ones on which the Velcro degraded to an annoying extent, though the silicone zig-zag probably does help them hold in place. I am in fact, using the much more durable "button-hole" strap from the "In Health" bag for the lower strap. I *need* to use the lower strap in bed and any time other than just standing or sitting at home to avoid the problem with the non-return valve. . . . . . For the main - upper strap, I have custom made a leg belt from 5 cm wide material. I initially used elastic and "Velcro" from Spotlight, but the "Velcro" (more correctly, "hook and loop" tape) was not durable. Presently, I am using belts reconstructed from black medical-grade arm sling straps - this "Velcro" is *serious* stuff, it is not going to wear out any time soon. . . . . . As for the "In Health" bag, I have reinforced the strap slots in the bag with 3M "Durapore" tape to prevent tearing - this is proving effective. The bag gets washed every few days; the "flock" is well attached and does not degrade, is dried using a hair dryer and a rinse with liquid bleach using a small funnel to adapt to the tubing cleans the bag inside very effectively (and several rinses afterward).

Leg bag

By: on 22 January 2021
I find these more convenient at night. I can sleep knowing it wont leak or even the bag itself bursting. With the elastic straps the bag is held firmly and is easy to change. I can adjust the drainage tube to my liking. Good product. 4 stars from me

500ml premium leg bag

By: on 9 July 2020
I find the quality of the velcro straps is now poor after it changed several months ago.

Paralogic Response
Thank you for sharing the difficulties you have had with this product - we have passed your concerns onto the manufacturer. In the meantime we do have several other leg bags which may more suit your needs, or perhaps we can recomend the leg bag holder as an alternative. Why not give us a call before your next order and our experienced team can help you.

Not very excited about the ties

By: on 3 June 2020
The 500ml leg bag has served me well but not very excited about the ties. The rubber nonslip insertion in the straps, at least for me , makes no additional security, after all it is only the weight of 500ml maximum of content dragging on the leg strap. I find the 'velcro' is a problem when it attaches to the softer material of both the bag and / or the strap. A firmer material strap might be better.

Paralogic Response
Thank you so much for the feedback - we do have a variety of drainage bags with different sizes and strap options. These are available under the DRAINAGE BAGS option on the menu above, hopefully you will be able to find one that works for you. Alternatively I would like to suggest you try our leg bag holder which is a great alternative to leg bag straps. This leg bag holder is available under the same DRAINAGE BAGS menu above.

Day bags

By: on 13 September 2018
Appreciate that these come with straps but found they bunched up a lot which will stop me choosing them as my ongoing favourite. Would rather pay a bit more for something more comfortable..

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