Making the Most of your NDIS Funding

Making the most of NDIS funding

NDIS funding can be tricky to navigate, we have compiled some resources that might assist you in optimising your NDIS funding. 

Want to know more about NDIS Funding for Continence Products?

You can get more information on setting up an NDIS account 


Use It, Don't Lose It

As with most funding schemes, you need to use your funds by the end date or else you'll lose the unspent balance. This could be a problem if your next round of funding isn't guarantee of if you funding is based on usage in the previous period and you have had a relative low need period.

You could let the unspent funds lapse, although you risk your next round of funding not meeting your needs.  Or you could place a once of Bulk Order - a bulk order will use up your funding balance, but you need to ensure you have the space in your home to store the products you order.


Estimate ALL your needs

If you are a current Paralogic customer you can login to your account and access all your previous orders which will allow you to properly estimate your needs. If you normally order via phone, please call us and we can supply past invoices.

Don't forget that in addition to your core supplies, we sell items such as wipes, gloves, lubricant, syringes and more. If you are currently ordering these from a local pharmacy or similar, let us supply them so as to use your NDIS Funding.

When you are preparing for an NDIS planning meeting, contact us and we can put together a quote for all your needs for the coming year so you have a full estimation of what your needs will cost.


Order in Bulk

WE have bulk discounts available on many of our products. If you order more than a set ammount of product you will receive a discount on the product price. We charge postage rates as Australia Post charges them to us, but in many cases you will save money on postage by placing larger orders every few months, rather than smaller orders every few weeks. Even if you have funding available those funds can be better spent on further products rather than additional postage charges.

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