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Lizelle, WA - 16 October 2015

I am so happy and grateful that I found your website, you have made a enormous difference in my life, so easy now, I have been self catheterising from the age of six, now 43, had to carry a catheter (30 cm) wrapped in a facecloth into a Tupperware container to school, then hoping no one would notice when I had to rinse the catheter, at home they were kept in milton water. Now a single use and in the bin, no more shame, no more trying to hide it, may God bless you abundantly and make your life a bed of roses.


Brian, Victoria - 8 July 2015

Prompt Delivery! Thanks Anne-Marie, My order arrived today. That was only 3 days after placing the order. The parcel was very securely packaged and arrived in perfect condition.


Maureen, NT - 4 July 2015

To quote Anne-Marie, Paralogic is a service provided "by catheter users, for catheter users." Anne-Marie's cheery personality, her empathy and understanding give a personal touch which is unique. We are privileged to be her clients. Thank you Anne-Marie.


Karen, NT - 8 June 2015

Awesome service. Make life easier. Professional and friendly. Thank You.


Mairead, Brisbane - 5 May 2015

Thank you Anne-Marie and Paralogic for your samples, and very prompt receipt  of my follow up order of products, which was critical at the time. To order and receive the products within 24 hours is really quite exceptional, and far more efficient than some other companies, in my experience. The products are excellent quality, and being on a part pension are far more affordable.
Thank you again, and I look forward to continuing  my custom with Paralogic.


Leigh, Victoria - 30 March 2015

Just wanted to say thank you for sending me some of your samples, and then my follow up order, which I needed before Easter.  I have found you to be very helpful and your service has been extremely efficient and prompt. I look forward to dealing with you in the future. Once again, thank you.


Helen, QLD - 2 Dec 2014

Thank you so much, Anne-Marie, for your professional and expert knowledge, for me to understand the standards that have been used in the making of catheters. You've put out a very good price, the catheters are nearly half the price from other suppliers and I'm so relieved that the Blue Nurse has recommended you since I'm using 4 catheters a day and the saving is enormous. Thank you for your free samples that enable me to see whether they suit me and I've found them to be a great product. I have since ordered bulk and the delivery was speedy interstate and the Post Office tracking system was provided for ease of tracking delivery. I would recommend your product to anybody without a doubt and wish you every success in your business venture. Thanks again!


Coral, NSW - 10 Nov 2014

Thank you. This is my fifth order and I expect to continue dealing with you for the foreseeable future.

Excellent value, service and quality.


Mary, Victoria - 15 Sep 2014

Thank you Anne Marie for your wonderful service. Your catheters are not only the best price but are of the highest quality. The delivery always arrives the next day.  I wish we could use the SWEP funding to purchase from Paralogic, and not made to purchase from (supplier names removed, sorry!) as their catheters are so very expensive and the funding doesn't go too far.  I highly recommend Paralogic. 


Gloria, Victoria - 07 May 2014

After placing an order on Monday as soon as I had finished an e mail arrived so quickly and all was set in motion. The next I heard was from the delivery firm saying my order had been dispatched and on it's way. Today Tuesday another e mail from delivery firm saying my goods would be DELIVERED that day, I was so surprised, so it's order one day delivered the next and not the same state as well. I call this turn round really efficient and well deserves this comment.

I would recommend the company 100% and their prices are saving us huge amounts as they are medical items.

A well pleased new customer and will be ordering again in the future.


Lirael, ACT - 14 Nov 2013

Thank you Paralogic for such great service and an excellent product. I am new to catheterisation and having access to more affordable products has lessened the already existing stress while coming to terms with a new condition. Your office staff are helpful and friendly in discussing products and orders and delivery was prompt. I've recommended your products to my gynaecologist, and her nurse is letting all the patients know about your products as well as providing some free samples to get people started. Keep up the good work.


Bridget, NSW - 28 Oct 2013

I just wanted to thank you for being such a great company to deal with.

Ordering online is so easy and I've never had to wait more than a couple of days to receive my order. Not only that, it's actually very good value as well which is a huge plus.

The company I used previously were shocking to deal with. Orders were lost, never processed etc. Very stressful when you rely on catheters to be able to go to the toilet.

I really appreciate how hard you work to make sure orders are processed and delivered ASAP.

Thanks so much. I have recommended you to many of my friends and they have also been appreciative and very happy with Paralogic.


Pat, Brisbane - 21 Sep 2013

I just want to thank you so much for the prompt attention and the usual excellent service that you have given me yet again. I placed an order online on Tuesday at lunch time and the goods were at my front door in Brisbane on Wednesday just after lunch.

You really do provide a wonderful service and for those of us who are unfortunate enough to have a use for catheters and it is lovely to be able to support your company and receive the service that I do when I place an order.

Thank you.


Libby - 23 Aug 2012

Thanks for making my life a little bit easier. With all the things I have to deal with, you have taken the stress out of purchasing catheters.

The price is absolutely perfect, as I am on a pension, and try to save money wherever I can. I will recommend using your business to everyone.!!! Good luck for the future.


Alison - 17 Jul 2012

Awesome friendly expert service, great product with much smoother eyelets than other way more expensive brands, fantastic price and super fast shipping!

Paralogic prevents pain and illness through both quality and price! You guys rock! :) Highly recommended!


Edmond - 06 Jul 2012

Excellent Service!

At least someone is making an effort to make continence aids affordable for us users!

I am sharing my experience with Paralogic with anyone I know that needs it!

Please continue to provide such a great service!


Cathy, NSW - 08 Jun 2012

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. We will continue to order through your company. My son is now 35 and has needed catheters all his life. I have never had such a good service in all that time. The price of the catheters is very competitive and also the ability to arrange the delivery at a time and place that suits us is unheard of until now.


Elizabeth, QLD - 04 Apr 2012

Thank you so much for your friendly help & speedy attention to my needs. I wish you & your business all the best.

I am sure that the attitude that you have towards your clients & the way that you operate will ensure that it will flourish. It is so refreshing to deal with someone like yourself.

I will certainly recommend your business to anyone who may require your products.


Ghada, NSW - 16 Feb 2012

I would like to thank you, your service is very fast. I put the order yesterday and I received the products today fantastic.


Barry, SA - 25 Jan 2012

This is my second large order for male catheters from Paralogic. The catheters have worked successfully and I am a dedicated return customer. As a user of catheters I am appalled that suppliers are prepared to penalise users, most on limited incomes, with high profit margins. Until Paralogic’s sensible pricing we had no other choice so we must all support them and spread their existence around to make sure they keep profitable and there for us in the future.


Patricia - 23 Jan 2012

To whoever decided to establish Paralogic and the service it provides all I can say is thankyou!!!! You are providing an invaluable service and I wish you success in your venture.


Kate - 04 Nov 2011

I suffer from chronic urethral stenosis and have to use a catheter once per day to keep my urethra dilated. In the past when I purchased catheters I found the cost very high and I'm on a pension. I'd resorted to reusing catheters after soaking them in Milton solution and lubricating them with Ansell lubricating gel. I have suffered innumerable bladder infections as a result. In desperation I googled "catheters" and up came Paralogic with a sample offer. I was impressed when my sample came the next day. Now I'm grateful that my particular needs have been met, that the cost is sustainable thus allowing me to use a new catheter each day and a sterile lubrication in a sachet. Thanks to Anne-Marie for her pleasant manner in our phone conversations as well.


Rachelle, NSW - 24 Oct 2011

Thank you! Your response to my order was very prompt, professional and personal.

I thought that was pretty awesome, because i was a little skeptical that catheters could be so cheap (less than a 1/3 of what i've been paying!).

I have to say, i'm also pretty excited to be able to use a single catheter every time without going into debt.

Nice one! ☺

I'd also just like to Thank You, for not only having the vision to see the problem of expensive catheters, but to have the nous and fortitude to go above and beyond and realise a company that makes life easier, cheaper and therefore healthier for many people.

Good on Ya!


Vahishta Bhasin - 19 Oct 2011

Starting up Paralogic and the fabulous value that they provide has been a boon to all of us. Thank you to Anne-Marie and the team at Paralogic for not just the best price options by far in all their products but for caring about our health and well being. We shall continue to support and recommend Paralogic to all. Thank you.


Greg - 19 Sep 2011

Thank you for saving me $$$.. the catheters are perfect.


Anita - 13 Sep 2011

What a fantastic way to order catheters.... Firstly you get a GREAT product for a fraction of the cost, then you get a wonderful email from a lovely person regardless of what time you place your order. Thank you Anne-Marie for providing great service, great product & a wonderful experience shopping with you.

HIGHLY recommended to anyone wishing to purchase & save.

Thank you Paralogic.


Paul - 12 Sep 2011

Great products which are finally offered at the RIGHT price. I'm in QLD and my last order was next day delivery, which is fantastic. No brainer in recommending Paralogic to anyone.


Heather, WA - 03 Sep 2011

Thrilled to find out from Shenton Park Rehab that I could obtain these catheters at such a cheap price and also really appreciated the prompt delivery and courtesy via emails from Anne-Marie.


Kym, Victoria - 25 Aug 2011

Thank you for the free samples you kindly posted to me. I have recently started having to use catheters and found that being able to try your samples has made it a lot easier to order the catheters that are right for me. Since receiving your samples I have happily placed an order thanks to the assistance provided to me by Paralogic.


Prospero, NSW - 22 Aug 2011

Thanks for the samples. These are a great product and I intend to use your service which is fantastic, cheap and quality as soon as I need more supplies. Thanks for your prompt response.


Robyn, ACT - 17 Aug 2011

I initially investigated Paralogic following an article posted in Accord Magazine (Winter 2011). The service provided through Paralogic has been impressive. Prompt informative feedback including samples to try, delivered within days of request. The ordering and payment process just as prompt and uncomplicated. The Paralogic website provides additional information including price comparisons on other products which is really useful.


Trevor Robinson - 17 Aug 2011

Paralogic provided three key factors when buying my continence products; convenience, dependability and price. Thank You!


Lynda, Adelaide - 13 Aug 2011

Having a spinal injury means I have used catheters for the last seven years, and I was pleased to see how much money I could save by purchasing through Paralogic. It is an expensive condition to have and every dollar counts! The personal correspondance is also reassuring in that they know the product they are selling. I will only be purchasing my catheters from Paralogic from now on.


Ron, Gold Coast, QLD - 13 Aug 2011

A chance search on the internet resulted in making contact with Paralogic - with reliable stock of quality, sterile catheters at very reasonable prices (approximately 50% less than other suppliers) and with rapid delivery interstate.

It is a pleasure to deal with Paralogic with their on-line purchasing facility and knowledgeable staff to assist if necessary.

I highly recommend Paralogic who has my business from now on.

“A great supplier providing a great service and product”.


Wendy, Brisbane - 12 Aug 2011

I have just recently purchased disposable catheters through paralogic and they are great. The price is fantastic and so much cheaper than anywhere else. The service is very prompt in delivering the goods and the customer service is one on one and very personal.

Keep up the great work. Will continue to buy through paralogic as saves me a great deal of money! I really came across paralogic website by searching to purchase disposable catheters! How glad I am and I am one very happy person!


Penny - 12 Aug 2011

I have recently switched to using Paralogic for my catheters. Paralogic provide quality products for half the cost, and provide an outstanding level of customer service. I would highly recommend them.


Adrian G, Sydney NSW - 12 Aug 2011

As a sufferer of Spina Bifida for the past 30 years, I have always struggled to find value for money in continence supplies. I have been using Paralogic for my supplies since June 2011 and find that with their pricing structure I am less than $100 per year out of pocket, whereas with other suppliers, my out of pocket expenses can be up to 5 times as much. I recommend Anne-Marie and Paralogic to anyone requiring continence aids as not only does she provide the best value for money currently available, but also provides the "personal touch" of a small business, the likes of which are unseen with the larger suppliers.


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