Paralogic Ordering Options

The Team at Paralogic make it easy for you to order from us. You can order online, via email or on the phone (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm AEST). There are a few options to know about when ordering so you can choose the correct option for you.


Payment Options

We take payment via Visa or Mastercard online, via phone, or email. If you wish to pay by cheque or direct deposit into our bank you will need to contact us so we can set this up for you.  Please remember that we may require your payment to arrive with us before we can despatch your order.  
We can also providing invoicing for businesses or use your NDIS funding for purchases.


Bulk Orders

We have bulk discounts available on many of our products. If you order more than a set amount of product you will receive a discount on the product price. Additionally, we charge postage rates as Australia Post charges them to us which is based on the size and weight of your parcel. In most cases, you will save money on postage by placing larger orders every few months, rather than smaller orders every few weeks.


Recurring Orders

If you know what product you need and when you want it, talk to us and we can organise a recurring order to suit your needs. We can automatically send your order on an agreed date and charge your credit card as discussed. Phone or email us today.


Recurring Billing

Bulk Orders are a fantastic way to save money. We may from time to time offer customers Recurring Billing which allows you to take advantage of our discounted Bulk Rates without one large payment. Recurring Billing means we send you one bulk order and charge you in smaller amounts over the period of time it takes you to use the product.

For example if you currently use 1 box of catheters every month ($55) and pay postage ($10) on that single box every month your total cost is $65 a month or $650 over 10 months.

We could send you 10 boxes all at once which makes you eligible for the discount rate of $50 per box, and you would receive only one postage charge of $50 (postage charges in this example are all estimates and exact postage charges vary), costing you a total of $550 for 10 months. Rather than charge you the entire amount up front we set up a billing schedule and automatically charge your credit card $55 per month over the 10 month period it would take you to use these catheters.

Please note this payment option is only offered to selected customers, contact us for further information.

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