Products to help maintain and improve bladder health

There are many ways you can help overall bladder health, maintain catheter condition and combat infection.  Each of the following products has different roles and might be suitable for people who use indwelling catheters (IDC) intermittent catheters or those with other bladder concerns.  

  • Combur 9 urine test strips.  These strips come in a pack of 50 and allow you to test for 9 different markers including nitrites and leukocytes which can be an indicator of urinary tract infection.  Having these test strips handy can help prevent concern and speed the treatment of UTIs and other infections. 
  • Urofem D-Mannose tablets.  These tablets are composed of naturally occurring sugar that migrates to the bladder and attracts bacteria.  These bacteria are then flushed out during urination.  UroFem D-Mannose is a non-antibiotic option taken daily as a supplement. 
  • Urox bladder control capsules. These are concentrated herbal extracts taken daily that can reduce overactive bladder symptoms, incontinence and the use of absorbent products.  Urox works by strengthening and toning the muscles of the bladder wall and pelvic floor to allow the bladder to fill and empty effectively. 
  • Microdox Bladder rinse. This is a super-oxidised solution, instilled through a catheter into the bladder, to remove UTI-causing bacteria and bacterial biofilm.  Microdox is anti-microbial, non-antibiotic and comes in a 500ml bottle.  

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to help you choose the right product to suit your needs.