Hollister 2 Litre Flip Tap Sterile Drainage Bags

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Hollister overnight 2 litre bags

The Hollister 2000mL night drainage bags feature a positive action lever/flip tap that is easy-to-use even for people with limited dexterity and an anti-reflux valve helps prevent urine leakage.

This bag is manufactured to be used for up to a week depending on usage levels and care taken, as opposed to single use, with the attached instructions for use outlining both cleaning solution preparation and instructions. 

The ability to reuse the product for a number of days offers cost savings to our customers or inevitable issues when reusing single use items a number of times

Note - Reuse of drainage bags is suitable when connecting to leg bags or external (condom) catheters only. Customers connecting directly to Foley or Suprapubic (indwelling) catheters should use new, sterile drainage bags on each occasion.


  • Sterile
  • Positive action level tap
  • Anti-reflux valve helps prevent urine leakage
  • Sample port
  • Odour-barrier pouch film
  • 1.2m inlet tube
  • See the Drainage Bag Hanger to match

Care and cleaning instructions


Brand Hollister
Shipping Weight 0.0900kg

Holister 2 litre bag

By: on 30 November 2020
The flip tap in bag are packed in manufacture in the open Position when received both myself and hospital have used these bags and both have sent patient off with out locking. Obviously this has ended in disaster. Flip is also too easily knocked to the open position resulting in same issue.

Great Product

By: on 17 October 2020
This a great product. I was originally using it for overnight only and using a leg bag during the day. More recently though I've been using it as a day bag and just keeping it under my chair which i'm finding way more convenient. Basically if you're after a larger capacity bag, this one is awesome


By: on 3 October 2020

Peter Hyde

By: on 22 August 2020
We have been using these bags for a while now and find them very good, and are very easy too keep clean. When cleaning I fit a small piece of tubing over the inlet end, and then the old squeeze sauce bottle fit nicely in the end of that tubing. I have three of these bottles ready too go in the morning, one with plain water the other with water and a commercial sanitiser, and the last one with a water vinegar mixture, "easy peasy." I find nothing negative with this product.

Hollister 2 Litre Flip Tap Sterile Drainage Bags

By: on 21 August 2020
I have been using these bags for over 8 years now and I have had few problems with them. They can be more expensive than others but you get far fewer problems like: tap leakage, seams springing leaks, tubes kinking and the connection plug coming loose unexpectantly. The tubing is sturdy and flexible enough that, if I need to shorten the length of tubing for whatever reason, all I do is turn the bag a few times to make a loose spiral (a loose spring) and it takes up the slack without kinking. Overall, a good product.

2 litre Hollister flip tap sterile drainage bags.

By: on 11 August 2020
There are times when if there is a kink in the inflow for the bag when nothing can enter the bag causing backup & bedwetting. Often this causes problems

Hollister 2 litre flip tap sterile drainage bags

By: on 5 August 2020
I have been using these drainage bags for about three months . I have had no problems with them and will continue to buy them.

2 ltr nightbsg

By: on 15 July 2020
It’s ok but would prefer t valve for drainage ok for one off bag but for washing and reusing hard work

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