Condom / Uridome Male Catheters by Paralogic

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100% silicone, self adhesive, male external catheters


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All Paralogic male external urinary catheters are:

  • 100% silicone
  • Self Adhesive
  • Single use/disposable (suitable for 1 day's use)
  • Latex free
  • 30 in a box

Drainage Bags



  • Read the Paralogic Male External Catheter Usage Guide (PDF which opens in a separate tab)
  • Excellent for those suffering urine leakage and can reduce the need for night time waking.
  • These male condom catheters can be used in combination with a pee-valve in dry-suits while scuba diving and also by glider pilots while gliding.  

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Tip for New Users

  • As these catheters are self adhesive, we suggest you trim any hair in the vicinity before use, as things can get a little caught up!
  • More tips available on our Paralogic Male External Catheter Usage Guide (PDF which opens in a separate tab)

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Brand Paralogic
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extremely quick

By: on 27 February 2024
Thank you very much for the items that I ordered from you that were received extremely quickly after only about 24hrs of purchasing them online. The packaging was very safely secured and presented in a very professional manner, thank you! Adding to this, the items were exactly as described on your website. Thank you again for everything!

Further from Paul B.

By: on 25 September 2022
OK, another attempt to get past the censor! . . . . . $840 per year - plus the cost of drainage bags - isn't chickenfeed and I'm actually too rich to qualify for CAPS. So I get several days use out of these with alternate flushing in the shower and removal and soapy washing to clear the adhesive. My urologist encouraged this - it's not a hygiene concern because hey, wearing pads isn't that great either you know! Yes, it *would* be nice to use one a day. . . . . . Adhesive isn't all that bad, just eventually gets clogged with desquamated skin. . . . . . Worst problem remains that faulty non-return valve design in the drainage bag which blocks and "blows off" the uridome. . . . . . Have been offered the artificial sphincter but following a Near Death Experience with the previous robotic surgery neither my wife nor I are terribly keen on the idea and further damage in the area. Not that there is much remaining to be damaged.

Condom/Uridome Male Catheters

By: on 20 May 2022
I am new to these products and so was extemely grateful for the assistance I received from the staff at Paralogic. Samples were provided to me and with a bit of trial and error I was able to determine the size Condom/Uridome best suited to me. An excellent despatch service nicely complemented my subsequent purchase of supplies.

Uridome catheter

By: on 20 March 2022
This item has made life so much easier when used overnight. Wet beds are the exception now.

Male Uridomes

By: on 2 March 2022
Unfortunately this product did not suit my husband. Whilst the Uri dome went on OK and stayed on OK, getting it OFF was a different story. It stuck so well that it generated a lot of pain and discomfort to remove. After several attempts we had to abandon this product. Such a pity as they are a good price and great service from Paralogic. Had to return the unused balance of this order as just too difficult to remove.


By: on 8 February 2022
Have been known to come loose usually after I've put it on inebriated otherwise all good


By: on 31 January 2022
We are so glad to have external catheters no sores from pads,simple to fit. Do need right size. Post to your door no fuss.

Uridome male catheter.

By: on 10 January 2022
Easy to use once out of the packet. However, they sometimes fail either by falling off or not flowing into bag, filling with urine, and leaking. I have been using them every night for several years but have an approximate 7% accident rate. Must be used with a waterproof bed cover.

One makes do with what one has!

By: on 20 February 2021
As an inveterate parsimonious rogue, I must confess to using each Uridome for two or even three days. I have learned a few tricks along the way though this is apparently relatively early in my journey. · · · · · I started with the Hollister "InView" with which I was provided for a couple of weeks. I complained to the continence nurse about the poor performance of the adhesive which has no adhesion at all once wet. She offered to research the possibility of a stronger adhesive but I have not followed it up as I found Paralogic and as the trial pack worked adequately, took the plunge and ordered the 30 box which I am working my way through - slowly. · · · · · Being a "grower" rather than a "show-er" - or more accurately, a "once-was-a grower" and suffering the ritual mutilation of most older Australian males, retraction is a major problem, requiring frequent checking and re-positioning day and night. Of course the right size is important, and fitting the device neatly to just cover the penis with no (initial) space beyond the glans but not too much skin pulled forward (hair not yet clipped anyway). · · · · · As with another commentator here, I have found a wrap of adhesive ("surgical") tape near but not *at* the base of the Uridome to be the "secret". This appears to keep the device adherent to the skin at that point, presumably by squeezing out the water. To some (minor) extent it may restrict the glans from pulling back past this point and even if the glans does get past, it seems to provide some "last ditch effort" at holding on until it can be pushed back into its rightful place. · · · · · · I initially tried taping the Uridome at the very base, but the tape completely fails to adhere to the silicone. I considered ways to securely attach it but have not found anything practical. I notice reference to Uridomes with a separate adhesive band but not offered by Paralogic. · · · · · Another major problem has been the tubing part of the Uridome slipping off the barbed connector of the leg bag. This did not initially happen and seems to be a specific problem with the Paralogic devices. It is quite infrequent with the Hollister 9652 bag, but has happened multiple times (in one day, and also with successive devices) with the "Simpla" bag during the day until determined to force the tubing completely over the full length of the barbed connector which connector seems to have no evident defect in the concentric "barbs". · · · · · Discreetly "adjusting the equipment" throughout the day becomes a new life skill! · · · · · Star rating might be five if you found a super adhesive!

Super grateful And Relieved (No pun intended)

By: on 17 October 2020
Ok so I was pretty nervous about giving this a go, partly because I was concerned it would be difficult to put on and partly because I can't feel whether it's on properly or not. Here's what I found; It's a bit fiddly to put on, but not difficult if you're patient and go slowly. My hands shake a lot and I don't have great fine motor function but it's still perfectly doable. As far as staying on, I haven't had any issue with them and the more I use them the more confident I am it will hold. I have found it is important to follow the instructions in the guide Paralogic provide. For peace of mind I also add a strip of medical tape to the base to ensure it doesn't slip. I don't think I really need to do this but it makes me feel better. My experience with Paralogic has been absolutely fabulous. They ship quickly and haven't missed a beat. Thanks team.


By: on 15 January 2020
I have been using the uridomes supplied by Paralogic for 2 months now. I find them very good. And the service from Paralogic is also very good. I hadn't checked what I had left in the carton, so almost ran out. I phoned on Saturday, the lady who took the call organized a Express postage delivery, That arrived (in Adelaide) on the following Tuesday. A happy customer

Good price, not so good product

By: on 6 January 2020
I have tried these condoms in a few different sizes. I found with just one style in the range it is lacking. I found that they kink at the end and do not stay on during the day particularly with active movement especially sitting and standing. I have had to revert to a more expensive condom with extra adhesive. If Paralogic offered a variety to choose then that would be a better option.

Paralogic Response
Our apologies that our Male External Catheters didn't meet your standards. Paralogic are a very small company and we are slowly expanding our product range, but just don't have the capacity to offer a huge range of products at this point in time. We do have some great tips and tricks on the Paralogic Male External Catheters Usage Guide, and have staff with lots of experience who can help you find a product that is right for you. If you are not completely satisfied with a product, please contact us within 14 days and we will work with you to ensure a positive solution.

Good quality and best price that I found

By: on 26 July 2019
The quality of the product is good, and the price is the best that I 've found considering the quality. Although it is still expensive in my opinion

Generally good

By: on 25 July 2019
A good product but there have been occasions where there wasn't enough glue. Also the packaging seems wasteful - it's double bagged and awkward to unwrap.

Great product

By: on 22 May 2019
The uridomes used by my partner have been really life changing. Their ease of use and peace of mind they provide is outstanding.

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